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Entry #7

Working on that shitty fuckin shit.

2014-06-26 11:54:31 by w00t634

long time no see.

So i've been abscent from NG for a hyper-long while now, and I dunno what is even what anymore. 
I've started on something new a month ago which looks super shitty.

I mean look at that shit.
So obvioiusly its a 2D shooter like every other fucking game out there-
But this one looks kinda meh instead of just proper fucked, so im happy (clap along if you- fuck you. No.)

using some tips i got from the guy who made stick combat multi-player (thanks Manuel) i started scripting and shit a while back which then turned into this mess. Oh dear doesn't it look good as shit son!

Anyway heres a picture to wank to:
Also bye.Super early alpha. Also dont worry its gonna run in 45 FPS.


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