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long time no see.

So i've been abscent from NG for a hyper-long while now, and I dunno what is even what anymore. 
I've started on something new a month ago which looks super shitty.

I mean look at that shit.
So obvioiusly its a 2D shooter like every other fucking game out there-
But this one looks kinda meh instead of just proper fucked, so im happy (clap along if you- fuck you. No.)

using some tips i got from the guy who made stick combat multi-player (thanks Manuel) i started scripting and shit a while back which then turned into this mess. Oh dear doesn't it look good as shit son!

Anyway heres a picture to wank to:
Also bye.Super early alpha. Also dont worry its gonna run in 45 FPS.

Military, Action AND... nyan cat???

2011-08-26 11:54:45 by w00t634

So, I started on this new project with lots a guns (or, well not so many though but whatever :))
And it's gonna cotain; zombies, military,story, survival, awesome fx and Nyan cat?! Maybe maybe not... For survival its just two sides zombies (or anything else) is going to pour in and kill you. (Wow, dramatic eh?) But as far as I know im going to include a pic of stuff I made so far. But my personal opinion is, needs more shotgun, and catnip! :D

K bai

w00t634 (is best)

Military, Action AND... nyan cat???


2011-05-30 09:22:24 by w00t634

It's going REALLY great in the process of my game, 3% already done! (hehehe)
Right now Im just showing how my profile pic UNCUT should have looked like.


Canceled :(

2011-05-28 14:20:18 by w00t634

The game i have been having on my page has been cancelled...
BUT, watch my profile pic, i made it, and its going to show up in my NEXT game,
wich is a tower defense game, you against robots, aint that fun :D.
Well... C ya Raund!

Canceled :(

New game??

2011-02-28 08:13:01 by w00t634

I finnaly started with something big, a better AS2 game, Red Moon...
Its pretty basic, Aliens, Zombies, Us army, Survivors and SpecOps Soldiers.
Picture below is the stuff i made so far.

New game??


2010-12-14 15:28:08 by w00t634


I started with the game, and I found out-
I don't have enemies!!
So i sat there with my computer.....
Suddenly! I said to myself: Zombiez >:D mohahaha!!

So about 10 minutes later I made a poorly made zombie, The head char. and 3 weapons...

And then i said: Lets upload this crappy shit to NG!
So heres the pic of it...


Starting on sumthing...

2010-11-18 08:26:00 by w00t634

Yes! Finally started on a game, it's gonna be my real first game (I AM AWESOMNESS)!

When I'm done, it will probably remind pretty much about Raze (Its a game).
Well, dont expect a super duper F.P.S. game,
I've just learned the basics of 2D (things'n'stuff)

I haven't named it yet, I dont really have an idea of what the name should be...

See ya all soon!

(-: End of transmissioN :-)